Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This holiday weekend was quite eventful! Well, kind of. I did lost of things, and since I like making lists, here's what I did!

1. Drive My Sister Around: Yes, Mom and Dad decided to go on vacation to Oregon over the holiday weekend, which means I got stuck driving my little sister around everywhere. Again.

She thinks I'm the best driving instructor she has. The worst driver, true, but the best driving instructor. My tips are always the best, but that's just because I have a ton of experience with walkthroughs and helping people know what they need to do.

So going to dinner with my sister was my Valentine's Day dinner. I got a cheeseburger with a chocolate shake! That's pure deliciousness right there.

2. Phoenix Wright Marathon: I played a TON of Phoenix Wright 2 this weekend, recording it for my video walkthrough.

Whenever we talk about Phoenix Wright on the GameCola podcast, Paul and I always seem to get in a two-hour debate over which characters in the game should go out with each other. Paul, the delusional fool, is convinced that Phoenix belongs with his assistant Maya, when it is CLEAR that Phoenix has a greater connection with his mentor Mia.

So during my playthrough, I kept an eye out for any possible dialogue that could be used as ammo in the Great Phoenix Wright Dating Debate. Whenever Mia says something nice to Phoenix, I make a big deal out of it. There is a TON of relationship material to discuss in this game, whether it's Maya flirting with the defendant in Case 3 or Phoenix bringing flowers to Franziska when she's in the hospital (which I thought was really surprising, given the fact that she really hates him), so you can expect the debates to continue for a long time to come.

3. No Zelda Recording: I have two hours/5 GB of footage for Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but I didn't hear from the person who is scheduled to be my co-commentator, so no commentary was recorded.

4. I Got Hit By A Car: I was riding my bike, when someone tried to pull the "I'm going to slow down at the stop sign, but if there's no traffic, I'm going to turn without making a full stop" move and bashed into my bike. The back tire is completely busted now.

Helpful Hint for Drivers: STOP AT STOP SIGNS.

Fortunately, he was slowing down for the turn, so I had a few seconds of warning. These seconds were comprised mostly of "Why isn't he stop....AUAUAAUUAUAUAUAH!"

I jumped off in time and was able to avoid injury, which is good. I'm still going to have to pay for a new bike, though, which is completely unfair, but I guess you can't expect someone who doesn't stop at stop signs to be a responsible person.

My parents disagree, however, so they chewed me out for not getting the man's insurance information.


Izzy said...

I am glad you are okay,

Anonymous said...

oh come on... i would do the same thing. which is nothing :) good that you're alright. i would so go in to a debate like this! And i'm all for Mia

Anonymous said...

Whoa! When I read "I got hit by a car", I thoght u got hert! Well, I'm glad u're ok! :)

Hippodameia said...

Phew! Glad you're not hurt. You really should have gotten his insurance info, though. BLAHBLAHBLAHWHATWEREYOUTHINKINGBLAHBLAHBLAH

Roberta said...

1. wow, i'm so sad for her that she's stuck with you driving her around! haha jk. your parent's are going to Oregon?! that's so cool! but wait, which city? coz I live in Oregon! I wonder if i'll run into them, not literally haha
3. aw, that's so sad
4.oh,my goodness!!! thank God your weren't really hurt!

Airam said...

Oh GOSH!!! I'm so glad your OK!!!

Paul said...

Phoenix and Maya are meant to be!!

Michael Kelley said...

Sounds like a great weekend. We had Valentainer here at First Baptist Church in Martin. A "concert" type thing where all the College Students serve food to people on Valentines Day weekend, and perform skits, and sing. It was a blast!
I really enjoyed your first Zelda walkthrough. I'm already looking forward to Majora's Mask, especially since you just said you were having a co-commentator. That's gonna be awesome.
And I'm glad you're okay. You can always buy a new bike, but you buy a new neck.
God bless you, man!

Anonymous said...

omigod, the same thing happend to me ones, but i only saw the car coming about 3 seconds before it completely destroyed my bike, and i had to make a really dangerous jumo from it. luckily i didnt brake any bones, but i got really painfull bruises that took a few days to go away. and my parents DID press charges. and i won. i got a brand new bike from some brainless guy who didnt stop at a stop sign.
im glad you were okay <3 <3

Tallulah said...

Hit by a car?! That's horrible! People really should pay attention when they're driving. Especially to Michaels on bikes. Glad you're okay, though!