Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Mystery Continues

If you haven't read my last blog entry, I recently received a coffeemaker as a birthday gift from an unknown person named Ellen. This is slightly odd, because I don't know anyone named Ellen. Today, I did some investigation and questioned the various people who might know something.

Here are my results:

) There is no one named Ellen who is connected to the school.
) Joe P, whose birthday is today, did NOT get any packages. It's just me.
) It was not sent by someone from my "boss", the San Jose Chancery Offices.
) Enchiladas are delicious.

Mom thinks it might be a gift that was delivered to the wrong person. But the card is clearly addressed to me, and the plastic bag has two labels: M. GRAY and "To Michael From Ellen". Plus, it was left ouside my room. I can only conclude that I am the intended recipient.

Hmmm...now that I think about it...why would the bag need to be labelled twice if Ellen dropped it off outside my room?

Possible conclusion: Ellen left the gift at the main office. Someone else later dropped it off at my room. This would make sense, as outsiders don't have keys to the building.

It looks like the next stop in my investigation is the main office!


Danica Keeley said...

ellen gray sounds kinda cute! maybe its your future wife! haha

Roberta said...

micheal you are a genius! that is a posabllity of your idea, yeah. keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Have u ever heard of someone named Ellen Degeneres? If u don't know who she is, she's on a show called "Ellen". But it still doesn't make any sense how she would know u...

Tallulah said...

You will figure it out, Michael! You've got Nancy on your side!! Great start, by the way!

Michael Kelley said...

Playing Nancy Drew has helped you find clues and go after answers. That sounds like the process you would go through in solving a Nancy Drew Mystery.

P.S. I like that last clue! Enchiladas are delicious!! :)

BOBBIE said...

it took u 24 yrs to finally figure out that enchildas ARE delicious?!?! lol michael has seen the light!!! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAAAAAAH!