Tuesday, January 26, 2010

High School Musical 4

People seem to be confused as to whether or not Disney is going to make a High School Musical 4. Well, do not worry, folks! I'm here to set the record straight: High School Musical 4 has been in pre-production for over six months. For those of you who don't know, pre-production involves writing a script, casting the characters and storyboarding the entire movie.

All we've heard so far are basic details, like "the plot might focus on the rivalry between West High and East High" and "the actor who plays Coach says he would be willing to be in this film".

In the interest of helping Disney get this movie out of pre-production, I decided to make a list of pros and cons about High School Musical 4.

Why HSM4 will be bad: It will star none of the characters from the first three movies.

Why HSM4 will be good: It will star none of the characters from the first three movies.

Yes, I know we all love Gabriella and Troy and the rest of their friends, but seriously, if I have to watch Troy go through ANOTHER self-identity crisis that results in a confusing breakup, badly-choreographed angsty song and predictable reunion, I'm going to be bored out of my mind. It'll be good to see something else for a change.

Side Note: I still don't understand why Gabriella got back together with Troy at the end of the second movie. If I was her, he would stay dumped.

Second Side Note: Likewise, in Grease, there was no reason for Sandy to take Danny back. He's a jerk who cares more about his car/hair/friends than her. She could do so much better than him.

So maybe it's kind of ridiculous to make a High School Musical 4 movie. But the High School Musical movies are ridiculous, so the idea fits perfectly. Plus, the fourth installment in a series is always the best, just like Monkey Island 4. There's no way this movie can fail! I'll watch it on opening night, for sure!

[When/if this movie comes out, expect a long blog post on how the movie is a total failure]


Roberta said...

your right, there should be a change in HSM, i do like all the characters. same here also, if i had a boyfriend and he was a jerk to me, i would NEVER come back. But i also thought that "Bet on it" was a cool moves and song, but i took another look and it made me lol, coz just think that in real life that your just playing golf and u see someone singing and doind funny dance moves to themselves! haha. anyway i'll be waiting for the new movie!:)

Anonymous said...

I hate to disagree on your theory of the fourth movie of a series being the best because for one, a lot of series never get that far and when they do, there isn't many good ones. A example being Jaws 4. Just saying. Sorry. I'm a movie nerd.

ArtsyGirl said...

I don't really like HSM. i always thought of it as a redo of Grease. I loved Grease, especially the characters. I was glad when the last HSM 3 movie come out because I was like "Yah! it's over, now get over it!" But then I read your post this morning and I was like "NOOOOO! Why?!" This is ridicious, what the heck are they going to do the movie about? The charcters graduated, what more can there be? They might as well call it College Musical- They will Always be together. Sorry for be mean, I'm just not a fan, but i am a fan of Micheal's youtube videos! :)

ArtsyGirl said...

By the way, when is the next Nancy drew game coming out? The Trail of a Twister game? I hope Michael does a walk through for it! My little brother and I just love your videos, and we always come to you when we need help with any of the games. :)

Hippodameia said...

Haha. I love watching terrible movies. Sometimes they're so terrible they're actually better than a seriously good movie.

I just thought I'd add that my brother and I were listening to your walkthrough of Treasure in the Royal Tower while we were playing a board game. We got to the part with the energy globules and my brother suddenly went "Shh!" Then we heard your shouting and your spiel about Animorphs. Heheh. You never fail to crack us up. Thanks.

P.S. That angsty song and dance sequence is the best part of the movie. You know it.

Paul said...

You shouldn't spread such vicious lies about Monkey Island!

Tallulah said...

Gleh! High School Musical should not have a fourth installment. Disney, move on.

MarioFan123 said...

Hey Michael! I loved your videos that you made! I especially like your Oregon Trail Walkthrough When you killed Nancy Drew. you were like "OH NOOOOOO! I KILLED NANCY DREW!!!!," it was so funny!
ROCK!!! Also I have a question, after The Trail of a Twister game, what do you think the next game would be like?

Kasey Lee Morgan said...

I saw a little casting pop-up of that, I thought "Oh my goodness! Not another one of those stupid movies!" I might wqatch it this time due to the fact Zac Efron isn't in it XD.