Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Handwriting Analysis

Today, I performed a handwriting analysis on the mysterious present I received from Ellen on the day after my birthday. I'd put pictures up here, but I don't have a camera. There were three handwriting samples in all:

Sample 1: Message on the card. Written in pen. Written in precise strokes.

Sample 2: The "To Michael From Ellen" written in a blue Sharpee on the side of the plastic bag. Written in precise strokes, and it is rather faded.

Sample 3: The M. GRAY written in black Sharpee on top of the plastic bag after it was taped together. Very sloppy, with several smudge marks, with the letters traced over several times.

Sample #1 matches Sample #2. Sample #3 doesn't match--the letters are too loopy. That is, the "M" in "Michael" is spelled with straight lines in #1 and #2, but in #3, "M" is spelled like two upside-down "U"'s. Same thing with some of the other letters.

Conclusion: There were two different authors. Ellen wrote the card, and wrote "To Michael From Ellen". Somebody else later designated it as specifically for M. GRAY Michael. Aha!


This turned out to be the clue that broke the case. But before I explain everything, I think I'll give you readers a chance to solve the mystery. Can you figure out what happened? What conclusions can be drawn from the fact that two people wrote labels on the gift? Can you pull a Sherlock Holmes construct a reasonable chain of events that accounts for everything that happened?


Michelle said... first thought was that your parents worked together to send you the present, and then I thought that the person must have dropped off the gift at the front desk, and the receptionist put it at your door. But that doesnt make sense either...

Tell us who it was!

Scott Wilson said...

From my Not-so-complex deductions, i have figured out that Ellen intended to give this gift to another Micheal and then some else wrote to M GRAY.
although i am not quite sure why this is the case it might be possible that who ever worth your name saw Ellens card and thought that it was for you.

I dont have faith that the statement above is the Greatest theory, but i Think it will be good enough.

Tallulah said...

Was the box turned in to the office, Ellen meaning it for another Michael, and the person in the office assumed she meant you, and wrote 'M GRAY' and left it for you? That's my best guess. I'm almost embarrassed to post this comment, I'm CERTAINLY no Nancy Drew, or anywhere close.

Anonymous said...

it was meant for someone else. Great detective work. I wish I had a case like that. I wanted to do stuff like that when I was a kid but I either didn't have cases or I wasn't very good. Good work, Detective Gray

Anonymous said...

Are you a priest? I saw a picture of you on facebook that my friend, Maureen, sent me and you were dressed in a priest's outfit.

Roberta said...

ummm... well..... all these other comments seem like that's what happend, but there's only one slot, my guess is that probably

your friends or relatives took turns writing to you and from this ELLEN and knew you didn't know any Ellen's and it was just all a prank or something, I DON'T KNOW TELL US!

emily said...

wait a sec, i dont know for sure, but something sounds odd about everybody's front office theory. how is it possible, that another person named michael, had a birthday at the EXACT same day as michael gray? plus, nobody named ellen dropped off a box at the front office, like michael mentioned earlier.
let me make everybody aware of a few facts:
1. michael doesn't drink coffee (like he said in the proffessor snaglefoompus story earlier)
2.nobody named ellen signed their name in the front office
3. ellen is not at the school
4. 2 people wrote labels on the gifts.

i dont have a theory yet but im working on it.... of course im not saying yours is impossible, im just saying what i think.

emily said...

ohh and another fact:
5. nobody on campus knows who ellen is, so they either dont know who it is, or they dont wanna tell you.

Anonymous said...

michael. no effense, but when you showed us that comic strip you read thats alot like what happend to you, it makes everything feel as though your making this whole story up, just to pretend like you had your first mystery

emily said...

what if:
maybe, someone left you a coffee maker for your birthday at the front office(the person who wrote for M. GRAY michael) and than, someone named ellen wrote a letter to her friend michael (who i guess also had a birthday that day.... the only flaw in my idea lol) the letter and the gift got mixed up together, the people in the front office sent it to you thinking that the letter is for you, and you got the gift. that would explain why ellen isnt written in the guest book, and why the handwriting is different

maddy said...

ok i definatly think you made this whole thing up, just to excite us more and give us a false impression. Am i right?

Tallulah said...

I don't think Michael is someone who would make up a false story.

Anonymous said...

what are your cam studio setting? mine isn't working. HELP!

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