Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wrapping Presents and Such

Today, Mom made Dad and me wrap gifts for an hour or so.

So now, we kinda know what everybody's getting, but the good news is that we'll probably forget between now and then. Our memories aren't that good--we lost the pen for writing the "to and from" stickers about five times during Wrap Fest '09.

Actually, there were three pens, but we still lost them five times. My excuse is that I was watching the Muppets Christmas Carol. That's a good movie. I wouldn't mind seeing the Muppets Christmas Special, but I don't think they show that on TV anymore. That's a real shame, because about four of the songs in that movie are exclusive for the TV version—they were cut out of the VHS release.

Hey, I think Days of Our Lives is going to be on tomorrow. How about that? They pretty much always cancel my soap opera on holidays. Sure, Granny gets to watch her soap (All My Children) because they never cancel that for any reason whatsoever, but if there's a golf tournament or breaking news about Tom Cruise losing his rubber chicken, Days immediately gets the boot. But not tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Michael!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, huge fan and thx for the nancy drew walkthroughs it took me months to out figure out how to beat curse of blackmoor manor and you were a huge help. Your vids are HILARIOUS (excuse me if i spelled hilarious wrong). One of my favorite parts was when you screamed in message in a haunted mansion. Well but there is something i need to ask you. You have a wii right, if you do i was wondering if you could do a walkthrough for the game Petz catz 2 or petz dogz 2(doesn't matter which one because it's the same story line but with different animals) but i already know how to play it but i want to see how you would play it because you make cool jokes and stuff. The game is about your character getting tricked by an evil wolf who distroys your village and you need to repair the village and get the thing the wolf tricked you into giving to him back plus you have to defeat the wolf(his name is Ivlet, *giggles* IVLET is a funny name) it would mean alot if you made the walkthrough. AGAIN THE GAME IS Petz catz 2 or petz dogz 2 (yes, it's spelled with a z). MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael! I'm a huge fan. Did you know there is a Hardy Boys computer game that has Nancy Drew as a special guest? Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!