Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Barnes and Noble

I had to stop by Barnes and Noble today to ask a question. I ended up waiting in line for fifteen minutes.

Why is the line so long? Is it that the economy is doing better, and people are buying books?

No, it's that the economy is still doing badly, so Barnes and Noble fired all the employees they could. And with only two employees covering a store that's over twice as large as my house, that's going to cause a lot of long lines.

I saw two people decide they didn't want to wait in line for fifteen minutes, so they left without buying anything. That probably happens a lot, and the irony tickles me. Barnes and Noble just lost money (because customers didn't buy anything), because they tried to save money (by firing employees). I wonder how many other cost-cutting techniques companies use actually hurt the company in the long run.


HorseNerd said...

No offence, but the Americans are the only ones still in the down of the economy, because apparently, very few people know who it works, so congratulations Michael on being like, the eight American to figure it out! Woo! lol, jk. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi ^_^