Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why, It's Video Weekend!

This weekend is apparently video weekend! I filled two "Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy" requests in one video. This video has me calling Megan Vargas (which I forgot to do in my video walkthrough) and listening to Mel Corbalis play cello!

But that's not all! I also made three videos for Professor Layton, showing off the puzzles in the UK version of the game!

I also filmed Vlog #6, despite the fact that I did almost no planning ahead of time. I'll try to get that video finished sometime today. In the meantime, I got a good, semi-obvious idea. I have three or so games I want to play that come in parts.
  • Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
  • Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion (GBA)
  • Treasure Mathstorm!

I should play the first part/case/mission of each game to show off what the game is like, then I'll let the Youtube viewers decide if they want to see me finish the game or play something else. Sounds like a plan to me!


Anonymous said...

Way to be a thinker Michael. Way to be a thinker.

Emily said...

Wow, you're awesome Michael :D Consider having a twitter, I'd follow you to get all of your video updates!

Anonymous said...

Mel plays lots of songs, and I was hoping you'd do ALL of them, instead of just the main one. So ... please? Can you do all of her songs for us?

Anonymous said...

In Mel's room it has stuff from other games on her dresser! Like creepy's corner from Secret of the old clock. And A doll from last train to blue moon canyon. And a scarlet hand on each drawer!

In the beginning of the game there is a sheep doll on Nancy's desk.... i thought that was pretty cool!