Monday, November 2, 2009

Three Things

1. It's November, which means it's mustache-growing month. For those of you who don't know, every November, guys grow mustaches and beards for charity and to raise awareness about various male-only diseases like prostate cancer. That sounds like a good cause to support, right?

Okay, to be honest, I'm just lazy and like the idea of not having to shave for a month. So, everybody, get used to seeing scary, bearded Michael this month!

I'd show some pictures of me with facial hair here, but I don't want to scare any small children who may be reading this blog. You'll have to settle for seeing my Halloween costume for last year, which I included in my walkthrough for the Pagemaster game (skip to 4:05). Appropriately enough, it was included in the "Horror" section of the game.

2. I think only about two people are interested in this bit of news: I finished work with Seneca's Octavia, a Latin play written somewhere around the end of the first century.

The copy of the play, complete with an apparatus criticus and a commentary that refers to other classical works can be found at

3. About three people have sent me emails, saying that the missing piece to the photograph of the man in Nancy Drew: White Wolf of Icicle Creek is inside the fishing hut, and you have to get it before the hut explodes.

I plan to see if this is the case...eventually. It'd require playing through the whole game again just to check that one thing, so I keep putting it off.


Anonymous said...

Michael ... please please please can you do a video of the cello music Mel plays in Warnings at Waverly Academy? I loved all the songs she plays, but it'd be really cool if you could do a video of all of them! :-D

Miriam said...

There's people in my algebra 3-4 class that could do that "no shave November" thing. The guy I sit next to has a bit of a beard...

Ciara said...

Haha! That's funny!
But I totally know what you mean.
There's this guy at my school that has like a full on beard. 0_o