Saturday, November 7, 2009

SCU Choir Concert

So, I went to Cora's Choir Concert yesterday, only she didn't sing in the choir. Actually, the choir only sang one song! The rest of the concert was music/singing from other people.

It was called the New Music Festival, and "new" is apparently a code word for "weird", because there was an opera about a dirty kitchen sink, and an opera based off a Craigslist ad. ?

The part I liked most was the first song, which reminded me of The Jungle Book. As for the choir's song, which was the reason I went to the event, it was about 2/3 good and 1/3 weird--there was a portion where they all started whispering instead of singing for some reason. It's the first time they performed the piece, so I figure all they have to do is cut out the weird stuff and they'll be good to go.

Unfortunately, the choir did their "singing in super-high notes so no one can understand the words" routine that they've done in other concerts I've attended. And I don't like that very much. When I'm going to see people sing, I want to be able to hear the words clearly, you know?

What they're singing: Day is ending, and it's darker now.
What I hear: AEOUAOHAOIUAHI!!!!!!

I think maybe I want them to sing in normal style, not opera style, just so I can sing along and pretend I'm in the choir, too. Grams and I used to do that every year on Christmas. It was fun.

Of course, I'm in the choir at St. Patrick's Seminary now, but I'm not the best choir member. I still don't know if I'm a soprano or a tenor or a melody or what. What I decided to do is learn whatever the two guys sitting next to me are singing. So for some songs, I sing melody, and other songs, I sing tenor. It just depends on who was sitting near me when we learned the songs.

I didn't bring Mr. Monkey to give to Cora because I was all dressed up, and I'd look pretty silly with a stuffed monkey sticking out of my suit. Maybe he'll be her Christmas present instead.


Anonymous said...

umm michael, im pretty sure (and im sure everyone will agree with me) thats not the reason you didnt give mr. monkey up. oh no, its because youd miss him way too much! its not imbaressing michael its totaly normal lol...

Anonymous said...

I was in choir one day on our director was laugh at a song, so she played in for us and it was about Facebook. Not exactly humorous.

Alex C. said...

If you lived in N.Y., you should come to my chorus sing. Its the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Its soooo much fun there!! We recently sang at Radio City Music Hall to the Lord of the Rings movie playing there!

Alex C. said...

P.S. You can hear our words clearly! I'm positive of that!

Ciara said...

Oh I didnt know you were in a choir! No wonder you are such a good singer! And I think that if you wait to give Mr. Monkey up, you will only get more attatched.

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