Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Sister

I went with my sister to the San Jose Sharks game last night (that's hockey, for those of you who don't know), and the Sharks won 6-3. The ice must have been really bad, because people were slipping all over the place. At least five people slipped and fell on the ice, including the goalie. And while that's really funny to watch, it's something that shouldn't happen to professional ice skaters.

It was nice catching up with my sister, because we haven't seen each other since we both moved out of our parent's house. I'm back in school, and she's at work. Notice that she got a job after graduation, whereas I'm still on my college's Career Center email list.

My sister works two jobs, and one is for this tech company that has the semi-odd payroll scheme of paying her every twenty days (or something like that). She's been working for them for...six months, I think, and she recently discovered that the payroll scheme leaves out two or three days in between each twenty-day block. She brought this to the attention of the payroll department, and they had to pay her the $400 they owed her.

And last Wednesday, they fired her and replaced her with three unpaid interns. Because, clearly, they don't like paying employees.

...So now she's only working one job. Poor Sis.


Miriam said...

That's horrible! :( I hope she's okay with only the other job supporting her... =/

Anonymous said...

She should sue them!

Anonymous said...

Thats horrible i wish her all the best (and you too of course):)