Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Blog Post

Semi-bad news, everyone. I have to shave off my "No Shave November" beard from a group picture tomorrow. I guess that means I should make Vlog #6 and show off my beard.

Any suggestions for what you want to see in Vlog 6?

Also, new Professor Layton videos coming tomorrow! Pip pip cheerio!


Sweetsundae11 said...

Yay!!! First comment!!! But anyway, yeah, if you want to post a picture of your "no shave November" beard thats ok with me... btw from your earlier post with the Herinteractive newsletter, have you ever found anything in Warnings at Waverly Academy that could be promoting the game two titles away? I haven't found anything... but let me know what your prediction is, ok?

Anonymous said...

Hey, here's some questions for your next vlog:

1) What were you like as a little kid?

2) Were you really smart in school? (A+ student?)

3) Can you make a video of all the cello music Mel plays in Warnings at Waverly Academy?

4) Weird question--Do you ever drink? (Seeing as you're over 21...)

5) What got you into Nancy Drew games? (My brother wants to know why a 23-year-old is playing Nancy Drew games, and I told him you play them cuz you're awesome.)

6) Have you found any clues in Warnings at Waverly Academy as to what the 23rd ND game will be?

7) And speaking of Warnings at Waverly Academy, who's your favorite character in the game?

That's all I can think of now ... maybe I'll get lucky enough that you'll answer some of these in your next vlog. :-D

Anonymous said...

Could we see you talk like more characters.

Anonymous said...

1) Do you like the Spice Girls?
2) Britney or Christina?

Anonymous said...

hey um where r the new pro. Layton vids?

Anonymous said...

Will you make Dossier walkthroughs?

Anonymous said...

If you could live in any era, when would you live?
What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?
What's your favorite movie?

Anonymous said...

how many pets do/did you have?
do you have a girlfriend?
what's your favorite tv shows?
are you allergic to anything?
do you have any phobias/fears?
what was your happiest/scariest/saddest/funniest moments in your life?
how tall are you?
what are going to do after you graduate?(job)

Anonymous said...

do you have a facebook account?

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite subject in school?
What is your favorite science subject in school?
What is your favorite & least favorite musical?
Who is your favorite classical composer?
How many instrument(s) do you know how to play?
What is your favorite book & author?