Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So here's something that I've been wondering about for is animation possible?

Animation basically involves different people drawing hundreds/thousands of identical pictures. If you've seen fanart or drawn pictures yourself, you'll know that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to copy another person's art style exactly. I mean, seriously. I don't understand how different animators can work on the same project and have the characters all look the same.

But furthermore, I don't understand how the same person can draw hundreds of identical pictures. Here's a sample from "Pug's Adventures":

Did you notice how, even though I drew the characters every day for months, they look different every time I draw them? Even in the exact same strip, their appearances change slightly. If I can't draw my characters in identical poses twice in a row, I have no idea how animators can draw other people's characters in identical poses thousands of times in a row.

Of course, the explanation is that animation is possible because other people are good at drawing, and they can probably do that "sketching in pencil, then inking" thing that completely eludes me. But still. It seems like animation would be a near-impossible task.


Aleuay (ANIMATOR, FEMALE, Uhh FAn) said...

lol i animate, well animaters, Disney for example, they use extra thin paper and trace over the first drawing and move the character just a tiny bit, but i know what ur talking about, like one of my characters in my movie Laiea always either looses a tuft of hair on her head or gains more. But im not a pro either :)

Michelle said...

WHOA I was just thinking about that yesteday! haha it seems ridiculous