Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watching Waverly

Her Interactive did a Twitter Soap Opera, starring various characters from Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy. I didn't follow it, because I don't like Twitter. As many other people have said, it's boring to limit people to writing short sentences. I have written hundreds of pages of material in the past, and I fully intend to write hundreds of pages in the future, and if Twitter thinks it can stop me, it's a bigger twit than I first thought.

Anyway, the good folks at Her Interactive managed to compile the Twitter updates and color-code them in an easy-to-read document:


So now everyone can read it and have fun! There are some funny bits to the soap opera, and it's interesting to get a little insight into Megan Vargas and Danielle Hayes, who are the two Waverly girls who don't appear in the game because they were attacked by the Black Cat.


Anonymous said...

ugh, I'm glad I sided with Mel and Rachel in the game. Except for Leela kinda and Corinne, the rest are too stuck up and it sounds like they've got the popular mean girl stupid thing stuck in their heads. Watching too many high school movies

Anonymous said...

God Corine makes me twitch in pain, poor girl. Though I understand why no one else likes her, it still is painful to see her be snuffed :(
And she scarily reminds me of my freshman year roomate, socially awkward, slightly arrogant and with no friends >__<

TWitter still really confuses me anyway, even in this form haha.

Anonymous said...

I like the gossip about the teacher dude, and I'm wondering if you can do a video about the gossip in the Snack Shop Stop thing. I'm in middle school, and I don't have the snack shop. I NEED THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!