Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Blog Post

You know, when I said I'd make Vlog #5, I forgot that the Internet here is not fast enough to upload videos. So even though Vlog 5 is done, you won't be able to see it for a little while. I did, however, sort all my vlogs into a playlist, which I have had on my to-do list for a while now.

I've managed to play Warnings at Waverly Academy for a little while now. It's interesting--I've seen five characters so far, which seems like a lot after Ransom of the Seven Ships with its three characters. So far, I've mostly been talking to the characters, instead of doing a lot of puzzle solving.

...Although the puzzles I've solved so far have been pretty hard. "Hard" as in I had a difficult time figuring out what it is I'm supposed to do to solve the puzzle. Once I figured out what I was supposed to do, the puzzles were easier.

Nancy has a working cell phone in this game, after being deprived of a cell in the last four games. And this time her cell has text messaging, which is a pretty neat feature.

I think I'll play the game some more.


Anonymous said...

When do you think you'll have your first video for the walkthrough up on youtube? I'm so excited to see what the game is like, and to watch your walkthroughs, of course.

Anonymous said...

I just finished playing the demo today and it was AWESOME. I cannot wait to watch your walkthroughs!!!

Take care Michael!

Abby said...

Hey Michael, never mind about me being stuck I finished!! It was pretty AWE-SOME!! I've finished but I can't wait for your walkthrough!! :) YOU'RE AWESOME!! PS If you need help on things check Herinteractive message boards for WAC and it helped me the WHOLE game!!

Please comment (and maybe follow) my blog,
my YOUTUBE account is Fanatic2398 (no vids yet sorry)

Miriam said...

The puzzles were a bit weird in this game. (I preordered and I've already beat it. ^_^) The texting part is very fun, though..heheh....

emily said...

hey michael, why dont you send the vlog to a friend and have him upload it to youtube?
my friend likes to make sculptures, so she made me a sculpture of the nancy drew shadow they always show as her for my birthday..... i worship it!!!! lol

Tallulah said...

Oh the game sounds so groovy! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!