Saturday, October 31, 2009

Professor Snaglefoompus' Halloween

One day, Professor Snaglefoompus decided to celebrate Halloween by showing up to his class in a costume. He didn't have any good costumes besides the suit he wore when he was a detective, so he went to the local costume shop.

"Hello, sir," the woman at the counter said. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm looking for a good Halloween costume," Professor Snaglefoompus said. "What kind of costumes do you have?"

"Costumes?" the woman asked. "This isn't a costume shop, sir. It's a bridal shop."

"I see," Professor Snaglefoompus said, looking at the various wedding dresses. "It does looks like the only costume you have left is a bride's outfit. Very well--I'll take one in a medium."

So it was that when Professor Snaglefoompus went to class that day, he was wearing a wedding gown. The class stared at him for a while until Rob, the professor's assistant, spoke up.

"Professor Snaglefoompus, what are you doing?" Rob asked. "You can't show up to your classes in a wedding dress! You could get in serious trouble!"

"Do you like the dress? It's my Halloween costume," Professor Snaglefoompus said.

"But Halloween is next week," Rob said.

"I'm pretty sure it's today," Professor Snaglefoompus said. "You must have forgotten to set your watch to Daylight Savings Time."

"But that's next week, too! Oh...look, just take off the dress, Professor."


"Because it's not Halloween, and you look ridiculous."

"Why, Rob," Professor Snaglefoompus said. "You're being quite rude. Are you jealous because I have a better costume than you do?"

"I don't have a costume," Rob said.

"No wonder you're worried about losing the costume contest! Come on, let's go make you a costume."

"I can't go to get a costume! I have to teach class."

"No, you don't," Professor Snaglefoompus said. "Halloween is a holiday, and we don't have school on holidays! Let's start making that costume."

Professor Snaglefoompus ran off to find a good costume for Rob, except he tripped on his dress and hurt his leg. He had to lie down at the back of the classroom until his leg felt better.

Likewise, Rob also had to lie down because he had a bad headache after talking to the professor. So everyone in class that day got a Halloween Holiday a week early. It was very nice, even if none of them got any candy.


Anonymous said...

Michael, could you do some more extra clips, like death scenes and easter eggs, for some of the other cases you haven't done like Legend of he Crystal Skull and White Wolf of Icicle Creek if you have time?

Anonymous said...

Micheal already did a death scenes and easter egg videos for Legend of the crystal skull!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thanks! I didn't see that!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome! :)