Monday, September 14, 2009

Youtube, Email

Youtube is banned from the Internet here, so I can do things like read comments on videos, but I can't actually watch any. That's kind of unfortunate because I have about 500 videos that I should probably keep track of every once in a while.

I suppose Youtube is banned because they don't want people wasting time on it, and because a lot of videos on Youtube are inappropriate. I suppose it's good that they're trying to look out for us here, but to be quite honest, I wouldn't watch the inappropriate videos even if I had access to them.

When I say "inappropriate videos", I'm thinking of some videos where people say mean things and swear the whole time in an attempt to be funny. I don't enjoy that kind of video. I'm sorry, but if you feel you need to a jerk in order to be funny...well, you're not really all that funny.

Anyway, here's a nice email I got the other day, and I thought I'd share it with you guys.


I had to write a thank you to Michael Gray for all the time and energy he puts into the walkthroughs for Nancy Drew. At 63 I tried my first pc game (Castle Malloy) and the help made it a fun rather than a frustrating adventure. The videos on you tube were an absolute riot. It was great to hear a pro get frustrated at times since at the junior level I was having some problems and just getting a headache.

The humor and thorough approach to the walkthrough was just great.

Thank you Michael for making an old lady happy! :)

[name withheld]


I don't get paid to make Youtube videos, so it's nice feedback like that which is the true reward I get. So I'd like to thank her and all the people who I've helped for making my life so rewarding.


Anonymous said...

Yes michal i also thank you for being my hero and thank you so much for all your help i appreciate it

Kyle Forsyth

Anonymous said...

Aww! That was so nice of her to do that! :) She's right without u Micheal I would probably be really stuck on a LOT of the ND games! :D So..... THANK YOU! :D I was wondering if u could do walkthroughs for the Nancy Drew DS games!? :) I'm really stuck on the second game!:(

karapoo0x said...

so does this mean that you wont be able to make game walkthroughs anymore? i would be so depressed.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I never thought about that!:( I hope u can still make walkthroughs!:D

Abby said...

Michael thanx for all the help and fun times on your ND games!! :) Please try to make a walkthrough when you can! P.S. don't you have a labtop or is the internet send to your labtop?! Oh well Please check out my blog!!

Tallulah said...

Aw! What a sweet lady!!! Michael, I'm sure I've already said it many times, but thank you so so much for being such a help with the ND games and for being such a kind and funny person. I wish more people would be a bit more like you, it would make the world a better place.

Ciara said...

Plus, you are really hilarious!
Hope you can continue to be a funny person. :)

Roberta said...

aw! that's sooo sweet micheal, we all REALLY REALLY appreciate your effot on making the nancy drew walkthrough's, u just make us all lol whenever you do something funny but not trying something dumb just to get a laugh i really admire that about u :)