Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pug's Adventures

School is busy right now, and I'm having trouble understanding the more basic parts to my Tuesday/Thursday class. Oh, well.

Anyway, here's the next bit of "Pug's Adventures". I did this during Thanksgiving of 2007, and it was the first time I did an entire week of joke strips based off one topic (Latin). I think it came out pretty well.

I don't know why I colored the last one, but I like it now more than ever, after graduating with a degree in Greek and Latin and being unable to find a job. Anywhere. Ever. Hooray for college degrees!


Ciara said...

Geeeeez. That stinks!
You should learn Spanish.
I think it would be much more useful than those languages. :D

Hippodameia said...

Heehee. I love it when people think they will find jobs relevant to their degrees soon after they leave college. It's easier to find a foreign-language incorporated job if you double major in a language and some other type of degree, like a science or history. Or journalism.

Greek and Latin seem like they would be most useful in a library setting, like one that holds historical records. That would be nifty. It doesn't seem like there would be many job opportunities in the U.S., though. Modern languages would definitely be in higher demand for proficiency nowadays, especially Arabic and Farsi.

Anonymous said...

yay Greek and latin is always good. I'm half Greek myself. I want to learn Latin, though it's probably completly useless.

Christi said...

Latin isn't completely useless... learning Latin roots, for one thing, can help you figure out what a word means. 'Decapitation' means, of course, beheading, with 'cap' meaning 'head.'