Monday, September 21, 2009

Partially-Done Walkthroughs

So it's the fourth week of school, and I'm still not used to my schedule here. Each day, I make up my schedule as I go along. This usually results in certain things like "read one of the books I have" getting delayed every single day.

Something that usually gets delayed is writing walkthroughs. I mean, I made a video walkthrough for Professor Layton, I should write a walkthrough for it, right? After all, I've written walkthroughs for a lot of games.

But for some reason, I just put off writing certain walkthroughs. I've got partially-done walkthroughs for Legend of the Crystal Skull, Creature of Kapu Cave, Danger on Deception Island, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Phantom of Venice, and (my personal favorite) Dream Penguin Adventure for the NES.

I need to sit down one weekend and just do nothing but write walkthroughs nonstop in order to catch up.


Anonymous said...

can you do a video about plant's vs. zombies about how to win all the mini games and puzzles and sirvial? please

Tallulah said...

Aw poor you. You must be very busy.