Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm back!

My computer is still being mean, so I'll have to take it in to be fixed. Last time, the problem was that dog hair from Snickers somehow got inside the computer and messed up the fan. I think the same thing has happened again.

So I'll be using a different computer this week.

This past week, I was on a forced vacation in Oregon, and I'll probably write about that in the next few posts. I will have pictures, both pictures I took with a camera and drew with a pen. No pictures of me, however. I don't shave on vacation, so I looked scruffy the whole time.

Today, we had an eight-hour car drive back home, which I don't recommend. We listened to music on the radio for a while. A lot of break-up songs disparage fairy tales, I've noticed. They're always saying things like "This isn't a fairy tale", "I'm not going to wait for a Prince Charming", "It's not happily ever after for us" and "Jack, don't climb that beanstalk!". Okay, I made that last one up, but still. Song writers, find a new metaphor.

We also played "The Guessing Game", which is where someone thinks of a movie/TV show, and the other people have to figure out what it is by asking a bunch of yes or no questions. It's basically twenty questions without a twenty question limit.

We got stuck on Disney Channel movies for a while, and we had fun coming up with about various plots that they use a lot--asking questions like "Is there a popular kid who's mean to the hero?", "Is there a person the hero has a crush on, but he's too shy to admit it until the end of the movie?", and "Does she have a parent who's too busy to see any of her sports games?"

And there were over 200 emails waiting for me when I got back home.


Answers to Various Comments on the Blog:

  • I will do a video walkthrough for the 21st Nancy Drew game (Warnings at Waverly Academy) if possible.
  • I do not make video walkthroughs for a living, because nobody pays me to do it.
  • I have had no problems playing the Putt-Putt/Pajama Sam games on Vista. I just stick in the CD, press play, and the game starts. All those rumors about Vista not being compatible with older games are lies! Liiiiiiiies!
      The only girl I'm interested in right now is Nancy Drew.

    Anonymous said...

    ummm michael, nancy drew has a boy friend!!you better find some other girl to meet lol
    when you say we, who do you mean? i mean who did you go on vacation with anyway????
    love your walkthroughs! cant wait for 21!!!

    Danica Castro said...

    You and Nancy would make a smashing couple... little Hardy boy was so 40 years ago....Go Michael!!! And I am EXTATIC for the (possible) walkthrough for the new N.D pressure

    and I would kill to go to Oregon....can't wait to see pitcures!


    Tallulah said...

    Michael, I LOVED your "The only girl I'm interested in right now is Nancy Drew." answer to one of the questions. I don't see why everything going on (at least everything going on with people my age, which is odd since I'm only in sixth grade... well maybe seventh depending on what happens this year) is boys and girls. Or should I say boyfriends and girlfriends. Why can't everyone just focus on more important things? Like, oh I don't know, maybe EDUCATION!!! And your friends and family! The people who actually love you, they don't just 'go out' with you to help them get a little lift on the popularity scale. It bothers me. Luckily there are still people in the world (example: Michael Gray and some of my friends) who aren't obsessed with that kind of stupidity. I'm not saying people shouldn't date or anything, just at this age I find it a silly thing to be obsessed with when there are obviously more important things. Haha, sorry for my little comment lecture thing, I'm sort of talkative. Michael, if you get annoyed by my constant commenting, just tell me and I promise to stop right away. Well, I might leave a little 'hello' or maybe a 'haha' every now and then. I have to go eat breakfast (well at this time it's more appropriate to call it brunch). Actually, considering what my mother made for breakfast (crab scramble, almost like a giant fluffy omelette with some cream cheese and crab).

    Abby said...

    Hey Micheal you think driving in a car for 8 hours is bad when we came back from our vacation in Connecticut to where we live in Tennessee it took us 15 hours!!!!!! Try doing that with a mom a dad an older brother and an older sister in the car it was AWFUL i got sick on the way back in the first couple hours and we were EXAUSTED you were lucky!! Anyway please try to do the new nancy drew! Please I'm begging you!!!!!!!
    your #1 FAN

    Danica Castro said...

    Tallulah: I agree! You are very smart for your age!!! We live in a world that is based on sex, looks, popularity and more sex! haha. Young girls are SURROUNDED by images, movies, commercials and TV that sends things to your brain that tells you "what’s right". There is definitely more in this world than relationships.

    I always wonder why...when I haven't seen family or friends in awhile the FIRST thing they ask is:

    “Are you dating?"

    "Did you break up?"

    "Are in interested in anyone?"

    Like that’s the ONLY part in my life!

    It’s really annoying! haha

    So good for you sweetheart! I seriously can't believe how young and smart you are!

    Tallulah said...

    Wow! Thanks for the compliments, Danica! I totally agree with you. It's no help that young girls' idols like Hannah Montana or Ashley Tisdal or any of those other mindless weirdos have TV shows that exhibit behavior that would make it seem like appearance and boys are the only things that matter. It scares me to think of seven or eight year olds going around acting like the girls they might see on TV. I've been on the computer for hours, so now I think I'm going to get off and grab a slice of Key Lime pie.
    See ya!
    P.S. Please check out my blog, Danica! The link is
    I'll go look at yours, too!

    A.M.R. said...

    That's cool I've never been to Oregon. Where do you live, California? And Tallulah and Danica I totally agree.

    A.M.R. said...

    Oh, Micheal, are you going to do a walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Lights, Camra, Curses.

    Tallulah said...

    Thanks for agreeing with us, A.M.R. I know, going to Oregon must have been fun! My friend's grandparents live there so she gets to go there a lot. Lucky, right???

    Scott Wilson said...

    when you were talking about your oregon trip i couldn't help to think of the oregon trail... ah, good times, good times.

    Anonymous said...

    tallulah: you sound so smart for your age. when i was in 6th (or 7th) grade i don't know if i was able to write like you! is it 6th or 7th because you might skip a grade?

    Danica Castro said...

    Im obsessed with Little People Big World...I would go to Oregon in a heartbeat!

    Tallulah said...

    answering to karapoo0x:
    First of all, thanks! Yes, I might be skipping a grade this year. I had the choice of skipping a grade when I was in third grade, but I loved my teacher and I liked the people in my class. Then, in fourth grade, I loved it, too. But I hated fifth grade. I had a terrible teacher and only one actual friend in my class (she hadn't even been a friend before that school year, we gradually became really good friends through fifth grade, so I suppose one good thing did come from it). I'm hoping this year will be better since I got into prealgebra (only six people in my grade got in, me being one of them, and it's where you go to the Jr. Highschool at 7:00 in the morning and you stay there for about an hour, learning really advanced math. Then you have your homework. And when you are back at your school and it's time for math, you just do your leftover homework and you don't even have to listen to the other stuff the other people are learning.) so I'm pretty excited. Plus, this year I know I have at least one friend in my class, and I'm hoping to have another since I don't yet know what class she is in.

    Tallulah said...

    Michael!!! I can't find out how to follow your blog, but I really want to!!! Help!

    Alex C. said...

    tallulah- how do u get those fish things on to twitter? do you know?

    Tallulah said...

    huh? fish things??? i don't have a twitter so i wouldn't really know... fish things?

    Alex C. said...

    the fishes on ur blog page the ones where you click and food appears and they eat it.

    Tallulah said...

    Ohhhhh. You go to the little thingies in the top right corner of your blog while you are signed in where it says 'sign out' 'create blog' and 'customize blog' or at least it says something like that. You'll click on the customize blog one and then you just search around a while until you find the fish. Hope I helped!!!

    Anonymous said...

    hey tallulah what grade are you going to? i'm going to be in 5th grade and i'm so nervus to be in a different school with some people i don't even know.

    Alex C. said...

    Thanx tallulah! You did help! ;)

    Ciara said...

    My stupid vista laptop won't let me play my old games. :(
    So they aren't lies, Michael!!!

    Sweetsundae11 said...

    You act like it's a bad thing to be going to Oregon, Michael!!!! Btw 8 hour roadtrip is nothing!!! I had a 20 hour roadtrip to Colorado from Oregon (thankfully we stopped at 3 hotels along the way). One in Washington, Montana, then Wyoming. Guess what we had to do to get back to Oregon? Another 20 hour car ride, this time a hotel in Colorado, Utah, then Idaho! (course our car broke down in Utah and had to get towed because it's gas caskett was leaking in the front or something). My vacation? Not fun at all.

    Tallulah said...

    I'm going into sixth grade. Don't be nervous, this new school could be even better than your old one. Just be yourself and don't be shy, and you'll make a lot of friends, I promise. It might not happen instantly, but it WILL happen.
    P.S. Glad you got your fish, Alex :D

    Anonymous said...

    what grade are you really sposed to be in tallulah?


    Sarah said...

    Michael I don't even know where to begin. You're walkthroughs are amazing. The random stuff you say makes them even more enjoyable. I am planing to own all the nancy drew games. I am amazed at how similar we are...Potatoes..Woah anyways um... well as you can see I am random too. I could not believe I could've asked questions darn it. Oh well I am totally looking forward to "Warnings at Waverly Academy" which is hopefully going to be you're next youtube post. You know there are Nancy Drew show episodes on youtube. Anyways I should stop writing you're probably not going to read this anyways. Anywho add me I have: facebook, tagged, hi5, twitter, gaia, myspace, and bunches of others.

    Sarah said...

    By the way I think UR AWESOME