Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oregon Day 1

So, Oregon.

The first day, we went to antique shopping. I like to get old books and put them online, like I did with Twinkle and Chubbins and about twenty other books. I got three different books this time, and I'll probably get around to uploading them sometime next year.

I also like to get old pictures and postcards and things like that, so I have something to draw. When I get my computer fixed, I'll show you the pictures.

We also went to Wal-Mart, which is always a novelty for us because they don't have Wal-Marts in California. And for good reason--the stuff they sell is overpriced. Even though Oregon doesn't have sales tax (California has an 8.25% sales tax), I would probably save money by buying at home.

I bought a copy of Dell Logic Puzzles magazine (I haven't had one since my pile of five puzzle magazine disappeared when I finished college). Poor Dell Magazines. I feel bad for them because they invented Sudoku puzzles (they ran them for years in their Dell Math and Logic Puzzles magazines under the title of Number Place), but everybody thinks it's Japanese, so they don't get any credit for it.

The only other thing I can remember doing on Day One was going to the Black Bear Diner to eat. I got a big bear burger, which is a really big burger, I mean, cheeseburger I had the last time I was in Oregon. Sadly, this time the burger was more bun than burger. It seems that all the restaurants are shrinking the size of their burgers to save money because of the bad economy. Have you seen the new Whopper Juniors? They're about the same size as a Play-doh lid.

And what's worse is that the restaurants/fast food places upped all their prices. So, basically, they want people to pay more money for less food. I think that might be a reason why their market is not doing so well nowdays. That and the fact that nobody has any money to pay for overpriced food.


A.M.R. said...

Antique shopping is fun. But seriously, they don't have Wal-marts in California?? Oh, well, I perfer Target. I hate when they do that to fast food places.

Also, is it 9:36 pm there in California? B/c that's what it says next to your name.=]

Danica Castro said...

ain't that the truth! same with cereal and chips now too. they make the bags/boxes HUGE so it looks like your going to get alot but its the same amount if not smaller.


Tallulah said...

Wow, no Walmarts? Must be GREAT! My mother and I aren't particular fans of Walmart. At all. I'm sorry about your Sudoku problem. I feel bad that so many people are giving credit to the wrong people for something VERY popular. And about your burger problem, Chili's (or at least the ones in -well I want to be internet safe so I can't really say where I live, sorry- well, the ones where I live have GIANT burgers. Before I went to camp (It's a Jewish camp, so that means eating in a certain way: no pork, and you can't have meat and dairy in the same meal. I almost died, but the food is pretty good, so I didn't.) I went out to Chili's with my dad and we both got a HUGE bacon burger. The bacon was as thick as my finger (no lie!!!) and it was all meat, no fat. The burger was really really big! There was smoked cheddar cheese (I don't know how you smoke cheese, though, do you grill it or what? Makes no sense.) and tomato and on the side there were really really yummy fries. Haha, five foot four, eighty five pound me ate the whole thing, so you know it must be good if I was able to eat the whole thing!!! Either that, or it was tiny, but I don't think it was because it was about the size of my whole hand, fingers outstretched, and I've got REALLY long fingers. I mean, not bony or creepy or anything, just long. I agree with you, Danica, about the whole cereal and chips thing.
Woops! I left another too-long comment. Michael, please tell me if my comments are getting too long or too frequent.

Viv said...

Tallulah! You are five foot four?! What the poop? I am still in the fours. :(

Tallulah said...

Yah. Mama measured me before camp. I might have grown since then, actually. Aww, it's okay, four is a groovy number. Well, now it is. Maybe I'm tall because of all the meat I eat :D Actually, that's not very plausible. But whatever.

viv said...

haha I am really close to five tho! really close! almost there! Growth spurt, please?

A.M.R. said...

I'm 5'6 and going into 7th grade.
About the food thing though, have you been to White Castle? Their burgers are TINY. Like less than the palm of my hand. At least here it's like 70c per burger.

Natalie (WinstonsHitman) said...

I like antique stores, we have like, 5 and there's only one good one, they have 2 cats that live there too. I do hate Wal-Mart, lucky you don't have them, Target is waaaay better, and cleaner.

Abby said...

Hey Tallulah it would be soo much easier to do shorter comments. What I mean is you coul do one comment on wal-mart 1 on fast food and 1 on camp and height.I enjoy reading your comments don't get me wrong but you should make a lot of comments all in a different subject.
ps what grade are you in

Tallulah said...

Hmm. I don't know. I think it saves time to do one long comment, but that's just my opinion. Well I'm glad you enjoy reading my comments. If you like my comments, maybe you should check out my blog:
Jus' sayin'.
I'm going into sixth grade.
Yeesh, A.M.R. those burgers sound tiny!!! I prefer the ones from Chili's. Haha.

Ciara said...

Ooo, I'm not a fan of Wal-Mart, either.
Most of their things are from China.
So perhaps they are supporting child labor, which I do not.

Ciara said...

Also, Tallulah: I doubt you are 5'4 and 80 pounds. That would make you abnormally underweight. No offense or anything.

Ciara said...

Hehe, I'm 5'5 and a freshman.
Just to tell my part. :D

A.M.R. said...

Well's since she's going into 6th she's prob 11....and I'm 5'6 and weigh 94 pounds, and one year older, so she's prob not too abnormally underweight or anything. =]

Sweetsundae11 said...

That was sooo weird!!!! Okay, so I went to Michael's blog and it said Oregon in the title, right? read the article..... 20 seconds later..... wait. that's where I live!

Tallulah said...

Actually, I said five foot four and eighty FIVE pounds, but that was just the last time I measured, but it really wasn't that long ago. So maybe I'm more like eighty six or seven now, but that's not much of a difference. I'm certainly not offended. I'm going to be turning twelve in September (I WOULD be going into seventh grade, but I missed the birthday deadline by just a few days). The only reason I'm so 'abnormally underweight' as you have said, is because so is my mom. Like, REALLY skinny (not bragging, just explaining). Not unhealthy or anything, she just is. My doctor said it's ok that I'm this slim, because I most likely get it from my mom. And she knows I'm not unhealthy or anything because I keep myself in good condition and eat correctly. Sorry if I seemed rude in any way, or if you felt I was bragging or something. I CERTAINLY did NOT mean to, and I give you my sincerest apologies if I did.
P.S. I agree with you, Ciara, on your Walmart comment. My family shops mostly at Target and Henhouse, but we get almost all our produce from this organization thing where people grow lots of things in their yards (all organically) and then bring them to this place where you pay a certain ammount every week to get some of the things they bring, or from ours and our neighbors' backyards. We grow a lot of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Man I love Wal-Mart! It's pretty much where everyone in my entire county buys clothes. People shouldn't look down on Wal-mart. It gives a lot of people jobs. And buying "organic" food from your neighborhood doesn't make you a saint or something. Calm down.