Friday, August 28, 2009


Hey, guess what I can't do when I don't have Internet access?

Update my blog!

The Internet here at St. Patrick's is password-protected, and all 22 of us new guys haven't received our passwords yet. I'm told that we will get it on Tuesday at the latest.

I'm using one of the library computers right now, so I don't really have a lot of time. I'll use it to respond to a question posted on this blog--someone asked how I record audio from the computer and the microphone at the same time.

My computer does that automatically, because it's weird like that. Other people have to use Audacity, a free program, to record microphone stuff, and use the video recording program to get the audio from the speakers.

Recently, I've been watching a video walkthrough for Carmen Sandiego: Treasures of Knowledge, made by one of the people who asked me how to make video walkthroughs, then started making walkthroughs of their own. I'm actually using it to write a text walkthrough for the game. I'm not sure if the walkthrough will be helpful because I've never played the game, but who knows?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving in to my New School

I moved into school yesterday. I'm on the third floor, near the bells that chime every hour. The room is okay, although it's a little small. The bathroom is almost bigger than the room itself. In fact, there wasn't enough space for the dresser in the room, so it got moved into the bathroom.

I moved the dresser back to where it's supposed to go, but the room's layout is still pretty weird.

Orientation officially starts tomorrow, so I don't know what classes I'm taking, or how many of them I'll be taking. I don't know what classes are offered here, so I really can't guess what I'll be doing this year.

Oh well. At least the food here is better than my last school.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger

Her Interactive is releasing a second Nancy Drew Dossier game. For those of you who don't know, the Dossier games are Nancy Drew mysteries that are in the casual/hidden object genre, instead of the puzzle/point-and-click adventure genre.

I still haven't gotten around to playing the first one, but the second one takes place in a spa and is called "Resorting to Danger". They just released a list of characters who appear in the game, so...

Check out the character list here!

I think I like the pictures of Nick Bleski and Cassidy Jones the most.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

School in September...Er, August

I was just informed that I have to move into my dorm at Grad School (Saint Patrick's in Menlo Park, CA) next Saturday. Woah, they sure don't give you a lot of notice, do they? I guess that means this is my last week of freedom before school starts again.

The second Professor Layton game is also coming out next Saturday. Can I finish my video walkthrough for the first Professor Layton game before then? I just finished video #20 for that walkthrough, and I got to Chapter Six (of Nine). I'm not sure if I can finish in time...

I have about six library books to finish reading before then, because I can't take local library books to school with me. I'm not that far away from home, but I should probably limit my trips home to just the weekends, if possible. And I have to finish all those half-done pictures because I won't take my sketchbook with me. AND I have to find some way to keep my sister from annexing my closet. It's going to be a busy week!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Danger by Design: Fan-made Trailer

So, here's a fan-made trailer for Nancy Drew: Danger by Design. I love the girl who's playing Jean Michel at 0:39. "In ze world of couture..."

I think the Percy Jackson movie could be awesome. I'm keeping my expectations low, though--all I'm going to look forward to is the Minotaur scene. And yes, I have a cell phone that I keep charged, even though I hardly ever use it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick Post

I have to baby-sit my two cousins tonight, so this will be another one of those quick blog posts where I write various bullet points.

  • This website says I posted at 9:36 pm when I posted in the afternoon. These websites need to list what time zone they're using.
  • I was at Target today with my mom and sister (who take FOREVER), and I noticed that only one of the books in the children's book section was not based on a movie or TV show. I guess they don't think children want to read unlicensed books. Anyway, Ramona Quimby: Age Eight for the win!
  • Ah, Chili's is a restaurant that has not shrunk their burgers (yet), but they do skimp out on the fries compared to what they had before. And their turkey sandwich switched from real turkey meat to Oscar Meyer-style deli slices of turkey. So they have done some cost-cutting measures, just not with the burgers.
  • Did I post my "getting old games to work on Vista" video here yet? I forget. Anyway, here's the video, and it shows what I do when I have problems with old games (which doesn't happen often). Hopefully that will help you, Ciara.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oregon Day 1

So, Oregon.

The first day, we went to antique shopping. I like to get old books and put them online, like I did with Twinkle and Chubbins and about twenty other books. I got three different books this time, and I'll probably get around to uploading them sometime next year.

I also like to get old pictures and postcards and things like that, so I have something to draw. When I get my computer fixed, I'll show you the pictures.

We also went to Wal-Mart, which is always a novelty for us because they don't have Wal-Marts in California. And for good reason--the stuff they sell is overpriced. Even though Oregon doesn't have sales tax (California has an 8.25% sales tax), I would probably save money by buying at home.

I bought a copy of Dell Logic Puzzles magazine (I haven't had one since my pile of five puzzle magazine disappeared when I finished college). Poor Dell Magazines. I feel bad for them because they invented Sudoku puzzles (they ran them for years in their Dell Math and Logic Puzzles magazines under the title of Number Place), but everybody thinks it's Japanese, so they don't get any credit for it.

The only other thing I can remember doing on Day One was going to the Black Bear Diner to eat. I got a big bear burger, which is a really big burger, I mean, cheeseburger I had the last time I was in Oregon. Sadly, this time the burger was more bun than burger. It seems that all the restaurants are shrinking the size of their burgers to save money because of the bad economy. Have you seen the new Whopper Juniors? They're about the same size as a Play-doh lid.

And what's worse is that the restaurants/fast food places upped all their prices. So, basically, they want people to pay more money for less food. I think that might be a reason why their market is not doing so well nowdays. That and the fact that nobody has any money to pay for overpriced food.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm back!

My computer is still being mean, so I'll have to take it in to be fixed. Last time, the problem was that dog hair from Snickers somehow got inside the computer and messed up the fan. I think the same thing has happened again.

So I'll be using a different computer this week.

This past week, I was on a forced vacation in Oregon, and I'll probably write about that in the next few posts. I will have pictures, both pictures I took with a camera and drew with a pen. No pictures of me, however. I don't shave on vacation, so I looked scruffy the whole time.

Today, we had an eight-hour car drive back home, which I don't recommend. We listened to music on the radio for a while. A lot of break-up songs disparage fairy tales, I've noticed. They're always saying things like "This isn't a fairy tale", "I'm not going to wait for a Prince Charming", "It's not happily ever after for us" and "Jack, don't climb that beanstalk!". Okay, I made that last one up, but still. Song writers, find a new metaphor.

We also played "The Guessing Game", which is where someone thinks of a movie/TV show, and the other people have to figure out what it is by asking a bunch of yes or no questions. It's basically twenty questions without a twenty question limit.

We got stuck on Disney Channel movies for a while, and we had fun coming up with about various plots that they use a lot--asking questions like "Is there a popular kid who's mean to the hero?", "Is there a person the hero has a crush on, but he's too shy to admit it until the end of the movie?", and "Does she have a parent who's too busy to see any of her sports games?"

And there were over 200 emails waiting for me when I got back home.


Answers to Various Comments on the Blog:

  • I will do a video walkthrough for the 21st Nancy Drew game (Warnings at Waverly Academy) if possible.
  • I do not make video walkthroughs for a living, because nobody pays me to do it.
  • I have had no problems playing the Putt-Putt/Pajama Sam games on Vista. I just stick in the CD, press play, and the game starts. All those rumors about Vista not being compatible with older games are lies! Liiiiiiiies!
      The only girl I'm interested in right now is Nancy Drew.
  • Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Computer Problems

    I might not be able to update this blog or make any videos for a while. The fan on my laptop is acting up so badly that it will have to be put in time out. I don't seem to be able to use my computer for more than ten minutes at a time without problems.

    Sunday, August 2, 2009


    I was talking with my friends recently about silent videogame characters like Mario and Link, and whether or not they should talk. Nathaniel, I think, was the one who said it'd be really hard to come up with a voice for a character that everyone already knows.

    I mention this, because the Nancy Drew team had the exact opposite problem in creating characters for Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships. Bess Marvin, Nancy's friend, is a character whose voice has been in most of the games, but nobody knows what she looks like, besides for general descriptions in the books like "blonde, curvy and cute".

    Bess appears in 4:45 of this video. You might want to skip the first part of the video if you don't want the culprit's identity spoiled for you.

    There are two versions of the "finding Bess" scene, depending on whether or not you found her bracelet in the game. The dialogue in both scenes is near identical, but her hair color changes. See, in the second version of the scene, her hair is lighter than in the first one.

    I wonder why that's the case.

    Anyway, I like how they handled the big reveal of what Bess looks like. Instead of making a humongous deal out of it and going for a beauty shot to show off the graphics work, they went for "have Bess go into babbling idiot mode". Good old Bess.

    Some people have complained, "I don't like Bess. She doesn't look the way I thought she would look," but I was totally sold on the moment. Seeing her act just like she does in the other games, knowing that this is the same Bess we've known all along--that was more important to me than what she looked like.

    Besides, there is a beauty shot of Bess in this game that shows off the good model/graphics work. It just comes a few minutes later, that's all. It's right here at the start of the ending (and the start of the following video), when Bess and George are reunited, and it's a happy ending for everyone.