Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice

Today, I finished the awards video for Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice. It shows you how to get all the easter eggs and awards at the end of the game.

I included a little bit of the ending, because someone mentioned that in the HD version, you can kinda see the outline of someone standing in the doorway of Colin's room in the reflection of the mirror (on the left part of the screen). The only question is...who could that person be?

The deaths video should be coming tomorrow. I had some troubles with it today. For one thing, the game automatically saved before I played Scopa with Enrico, even though I can't think of any way you can die while playing a card game in Phantom of Venice.


Tallulah said...

Another great video! Thanks so much! And once again, thank you for commenting.

Tallulah said...

Does gelato translate to gelatin? I did't know that! Hmm, wonder why I didn't think of that, though. Did you notice that in the costume shop there was a mask from Legend Of The Crystal skull? It is just above the pink feather boa.

Patricia said...

I noticed that too! Maybe Gibert Buford(Crystal Skull) owns the costume shop!He followed Nancy to Venice, and opened a costume store ! Thats gotta be it!

Tallulah said...

Totally! Hmm, maybe he's trying to find Bess... he seemed to have a thing for her :D
Creepy Dr. Buford!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya! It makes total sense to me now...MUAHAHAHA!

Tallulah said...

Eh, why the evil laughter?

patricia said...

Bess had better whatch out! Gilbert is out to get her!
By day , Gilbert is a harmless old man. But by night ... BUM BU BU BUM!
Searching the world for his true love Bess!
His powers include flying, knock-out powder, and he is able to be creepy on 12 different levels!
So whatch SKELATEN MAN!Saturday morning at 12:00 PM!On channel 884!

Tallulah said...

Haha. Got that right, Patricia! Hey, I changed my blog up a little bit, go take a look!

Anonymous said...

In RAN, CouCou said "Justin-this is Samantha" which concludes they know each other. Probably thats who's outline it is!