Monday, June 8, 2009

Letter from Heather

And here we go, a new Nancy Drew video:

I think that's the last of the requests I've gotten for Nancy Drew videos, so now I can get back to doing other things.


Anonymous said...

Dear Arglefumph,
Please Make the Following Videos:
Vlog #5 (questions will come from me later)
Secret of Shadow Ranch : Phantom Horse Parts
Message in a Haunted Mansion : SCARY

questions for a Vlog #5 come in the next comment

Anonymous said...

Vlog #5 Questions
2. Have you ever played Cluefinders
3. Have you ever listened to the Nancy Drew Audio Series? I do.
4. Do you like Secret of Shadow Ranch or Curse of Blackmoor Manor better. I like Shadow Ranch Better.

That's All From

Anonymous said...

Vlog 5 Question

1. What is your opinion of Curse of Blackmoor Manor?
2. Do you prefer the Hardy Boys or Bess and George?
3. Do you think that Mrs. Drake has become addicted to her meds?
4. Do you think Shorty is crazy?

Tallulah said...

Wow. Lots of questions for Michael.