Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Sunday Blog Post--I Have a Hard Time Making Up Names for These Posts, In Case You Couldn't Guess

It turns out that the videos I made of the animals at the San Francisco Zoo didn't record on my video camera. Darn! I got some really good footage, too. So much for having a fun video series about animals.

A question I've never been asked is if I ever replay the Nancy Drew games. By and large, no. I played each game only once by myself, and then I replayed them for the first time when making videos for Youtube. I'm normally too busy to replay the Nancy Drew games! Kind of odd for a Nancy Drew superfan, I know.

So in a way, it's a good thing that I didn't make a deaths video for Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel earlier, because it gives me the chance to replay that game now. Yeah!

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

i know what you could do to make up names for blogs! You could go outside for a couplae of mins and spin around ina circle about 10 or so times, and them what ever ou are looking at when yu opn your eyes, tht is what you call thrm

Anonymous said...

OMG i loooooooooove ur videos!!!!! do u have AIM? if u wanna IM me im posting this comment from my AIM account manette111. (as you can see my AIM has to do with my previous weird obsession with A Tale of Two Cities; that book is SO good, you HAVE to read it!; ANYWAY so IM me if you want to and i look forward to "talking" to you!