Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thoughts on the End of Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand

I was thinking about the ending to Secret of the Scarlet Hand the other day, and I really like it. Not the ending itself when Nancy tells everyone what happened afterwards, but the in-between part right after solving the final puzzle, but before Nancy starts talking. That's usually when fun stuff happens, like shoving the culprit into the mud in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.

In Scarlet Hand, this section has the three good characters standing together, looking happy and saying ancient glyph-like statements. It's nice to see them all together and happy, but I really have to wonder how they got there so fast. Where they there all along? If that's the case, why didn't they stop the culprit or try to help Nancy out of the last puzzle?

The part I really like is just after that, when we see the culprit realize that he or she has been foiled by Nancy. The culprit then shouts, "Confound you, Nancy Drew!" in a corny fashion. What can I say? I like it when villains are overly dramatic about being defeated. It's fun.


Anonymous said...

Ya i loved the ending too!! oh and this is Aleuay!

Anonymous said...

My computer shut off at the end :-( o well i can always watch it again!!!

Anonymous said...

um, u no tat u can do reedings if nancy drw boks. Rite?

Anonymous said...

i love how people dont know how to spell. spend less time on the internet and more at school.

that being said, great vids michael! i just hate how they're standing right there, like hearing you suffocate. not a pretty picture you know?

Born4catz said...

I am SOOOOO glad that you finally completed scarlet hand. my copy has been missing for months... YEARS! and it's probably one of my very favorites. Henrik makes me happy. and watching you play it step by step is about as satisfying as playing the game myself! my sisters and i curl up with blankets and popcorn, just like a movie :)

So um, Michael... not to sound ungrateful or anything but, next time you record a game, don't feel too pressured to fill the audio space. ...all the humming and "doo de doo" stuff every 3.5 seconds- nearly made my head explode. like seriously. Just a tip to keep your subscribers(like me!) happy! :D keep up the good work in future games :)

Anonymous said...

i think its funny when he hums. i dont think he does it to full audio space. i just think its automatic. nobody wants to listen to him clicking. silent walkthroughs are the WORST believe me lol. its much better the way he does it.

michael, will you be doing the next game when it comes out? and what are you going to do in the meantime?! a little spring cleaning of your hardrive would probably be good since those games take up so much space!

Anonymous said...

Hi micheal. Love you vids. keep posting them. Their great!!!!


Anonymous said...

"What can I say? I like it when villains are overly dramatic about being defeated. It's fun."

Me, too! I'll bet that you're not pleased with the Seven Ships ending then, eh?