Thursday, April 2, 2009

Professor Snaglefoompus and the Case of the Missing Slipper

One day, Professor Snaglefoompus was supposed to be teaching class, but he was kind of tired, so he let his assistant Rob teach the class instead. While Rob taught the class, Professor Snaglefoompus sat at a desk in the back of the room and fell asleep.

Normally, this wouldn't have been a problem, but Professor Snaglefoompus snored so loudly that the students couldn't hear. Some of the students didn't care, because they didn't want to hear Rob give a lecture anyway, but Ernie Greengrass complained.

"Professor Snaglefoompus is snoring," Ernie said. "What kind of a professor falls asleep instead of teaching class? He should be fired."

"I like Professor Snaglefoompus," said Jenny Blackenship. "He's a good teacher. You're just being mean, Ernie."

Ernie grumbled to himself about how stupid Jenny and Professor Snaglefoompus was, and then he got the nasty idea to tie Professor Snaglefoompus' shoelaces together. When Professor Snaglefoompus woke up, he'd try to walk and he'd fall on his face, and it'd serve him right for being a horrible teacher.

Unfortunately for Ernie, Professor Snaglefoompus wasn't wearing shoes that day. He was wearing a bright orange slipper on his left foot. The slipper was about four sizes too big for him.

"Who wears only one slipper?" Ernie Greengrass asked himself.

"Cinderella," Professor Snaglefoompus said, yawning, because Ernie had woken him up. "Why are you crawling on the floor?"

Ernie gulped. "No reason, sir. I was just...uh...wondering why you're only wearing one slipper."

"I lost my other slipper two days ago," Professor Snaglefoompus said. "I think it might have fallen into somebody's sandwich."

"What?" Ernie asked.

"Yes!" Professor Snaglefoompus cried quite loudly. "Someone intends to eat my slipper as a tasty lunchtime treat!"

"Professor Snaglefoompus, would you please stop disturbing the class?" Rob asked from the front of the room.

"NEVER!" cried Professor Snaglefoompus. "I have to find my lost slipper!"

Professor Snaglefoompus ran to his desk, where he pulled out his special mystery-solving hat. It was yellow and looked like a banana.

"The case of the missing slipper is now in session!" Professor Snaglefoompus said. He began looking for clues inside Rob's lunchbox. "Aha!"

"Did you find the slipper?" Rob asked.

"No. I found a delicious cookie!" Professor Snaglefoompus said, taking the cookie and eating it.

Rob was mad. "Professor Snaglefoompus, you shouldn't be eating my cookies! That's mine! Shouldn't you be busy looking for your slipper instead of eating my lunch?"

"I already found the slipper," Professor Snaglefoompus said. "They're being worn by...HER!"

Professor Snaglefoompus pointed to Maria Cincinnati. Everyone looked at her. She was wearing sandals that day.

"But I'm not wearing slippers," Maria Cincinnati said.

"Maria, Maria, Maria," Professor Snaglefoompus said. "If you wanted to borrow my slippers, all you had to do was ask."

"But Professor," Maria said. "I couldn't have taken your slipper. The slipper you're wearing is too big to fit me."

"If it's too big, you could have worn it as a hat," Professor Snaglefoompus suggested.

Maria Cincinnati ignored this. "Are you sure that's your slipper, anyway?" Maria asked. "I mean, it's so big that it doesn't even fit you."

Professor Snaglefoompus looked at his foot and the large orange slipper upon it.

"You're right," Professor Snaglefoompus said. "This isn't my slipper. I guess that means my slipper isn't lost after all."

So he went back to his desk and fell asleep again.


Michael Kelley said...

these are great little short stories...

have you considered getting them all together and publishing them in one book? I think some sites will publish and sell books for authors...

Anonymous said...

This is really cool :D It is a great drawing! I love the storys.