Monday, April 20, 2009

Museum Madness!!

It was incredibly hot today. So hot that I wanted to climb into the freezer for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, I'm too big to fit inside it.

I've decided to take a minor break from making Nancy Drew videos, which means I'm stuck having to think of something else to talk about in my blog. Talking about something that isn't Nancy Drew in a Nancy Drew blog...this is going to be harder than I thought!

I put in an order for Museum Madness at the library today. That's the game I want to do a walkthrough for next. It's basically Night at the Museum: The Game. All the various exhibits at the museum comes to life, and you have to fix them. For example, in the Revolutionary War exhibit, George Washington gets amnesia and starts fighting for the British, not the Americans. In the medieval exhibit, you go jousting. And in the Ocean Life exhibit, you have to go to the bottom of the ocean floor.

So, yeah, it's a fun game, and I hope I'll be able to play it and make a walkthrough soon.


Anonymous said...

omgg thats so excitingg... i lovee that gamee

Anonymous said...

merci pour votre humour lorsque vous commentez le déroulement des jeux "Nancy Drew"!On a presque le sentiment d'être à vos côtés!Très drôle et très efficace!En France,nous ne trouvons pas les premiers jeux pc "Nancy Drew"(pas même sous titrés!!!)Je les ai "obtenus" exclusivement en anglais mais heureusement,vous êtes là!!!! merci encore et bonne continuation.

Anonymous said...

What does that mean? I'm Sorry ,I just don't speak French.

Anonymous said...

here is a horribly rough translation:
thank you for your funny comments on the nancy drew videos! it is like i am sitting right next to you! it is very funny and very effective! in france, we do not have nancy drew games yet, and they are only in english, but thats ok because we have you! thank you again and good luck (or keep making them)

haha i know this is really bad, but i've only had 2 years of french!!!

Anonymous said...

hé!!!! very good "Karapook" and sorry M.G!
juste une précision, I said: in France,we do not have First "nancy drew" games.We have:
-secret of the old clock
-creature of Kapu cave
-danger by design
-la légende du crâne de cristal
-last train to blue...
-the curse of blackmoor manor
-the white wolf of icicle creek

voilà pour les détails!!!The first,nous devons les importer ou!
thank you again,

Anonymous said...

Micheal Please Don't Stop Doing Nancy Drew Videos! You Are The One I Go To To Help Me With Nancy Drew! I Watch All Of Your Videos Everyday!