Saturday, April 4, 2009

Job Interview

I had a job interview at a publishing company today. The company is in Santa Cruz, which means I had to take Highway 17 to get there. Highway 17 is really hard to drive on--it's twenty miles of swerving in giant curves along the coastline. And since my dad thinks I'm a horrible driver because I failed my driver's test five times, he forced my mom to take me, which is totally embarassing.

The interview went well, because I was President of the English Club, and I've done online book editing before. I'm pretty sure I got the job. The job, by the way, was to do three things:

  1. Type all the contact information in the "Publishing Company Phone Book" into their computer.
  2. Send rejection letters to authors
  3. Read things that authors submitted
Like I said, I don't think I'll take the job if they give it to me, because they won't pay me anything at all, which seems totally unfair. And it'd be a major hassle to drive across Highway 17 six times a week to work for free. So I'm going to stick with my original plan, which is to (hopefully) be a summer camp counselor and go back to school in the fall.


@ the person who suggested I become a Target bag-boy--the local Target isn't hiring for any jobs right now.


Aleuay said...

I hope you get the job Micheal!!!

Michael Kelley said...

working for free?

that sounds a lot like slavery...

Gymnastics. Goddess said...

I wouldn't take the job if I'm not getting paid for my work.

Anonymous said...

Omg u should have gone for a job at herinteractive that would of been so cool

Anonymous said...

omg if you got the job it would be so cool if you read a manuscript of mine O.o

Anonymous said...

which video is the one were you sing the english club song? i've been looking all over for it!!!