Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old News

I'm 23, so of course I was old enough to vote in the 2008 election. Did I vote for Obama or McCain? Neither, I voted for...

Abraham Lincoln!

Unfortunately, Abe didn't win.


arglefumphrocks said...

Good Choice! Abe all the way!

And- Congratulations on getting your ONE MILLION views!
Sometimes Snickers barks really loud, and my dog barks back at yours!
What sports do you like to play?
What's your favorite constellation?
Who is your favorite Warner Brothers cartoon character?
And I agree with someone who said it would be great if you got a job doing a voice for a character or maybe even several characters! My mom says you need an agent!
Have fun and thanks for all the videos!
P.S. We rented "The Pagemaster" and I can't wait to see it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

i agree with your choice of president. abe was my favv. i absolutely love your videos. they make me feel better when im sadd:) keep em coming pleaseee

Anonymous said...

This may be weired, but my mom thinks that you are sooo cute. Keep making the nancy drew videos!

Michael Kelley said...

Good choice! He would have been better than either frontrunner in the past election... McCain or Obama... uh... LINCOLN or REAGAN or FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT or TEDDY ROOSEVELT or just about anyone else... :)