Friday, September 22, 2017

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

I recently finished the sixth Phoenix Wright game, and I'm currently editing the videos for YouTube. I figured I should review the game, before I forget most of it.

Case One is fine, as far as tutorial cases go. It does a good job of introducing the general storyline and setting.

Case Two is fine, I suppose. The story is that Trucy got framed for murder, and I dunno. I like Trucy as a sidekick much better than Trucy as a victim. The logical progression of the trial seemed a little off to me, but I liked how they handled the fakeout culprit, and the setting was neat. The case introduced both Apollo and Sahdmadhi.

Case Three was good. We got to see Maya again, and there was a double murder mystery where the two cases entwined in an interesting way. The case also tackled a longstanding problem with the series: if Maya can talk to dead people, why don't they just talk to the victim in every case, and solve the murder mystery that way? It's one of those murder mysteries where, once you know the big plot twist, you kind of want to start over from the beginning again and see the subtle clues you missed earlier.

Case Four is awful. I know the series has a hard-working localization team, but this case honestly feels like it wasn't localized at all. They kept most of the Japanese names and cultural references in place, without any explanation. I know I got thrown off by how everyone has the same last name, even though they're not related; apparently, that is a rakugo thing. Due to the lack of localization, some of the puzzles were impossible to solve. One puzzle requires recognizing the logo of a specific brand of sake, and the big plot twist involves the ingredients of Japanese food that I've never heard of, outside of this case. It's too bad they decided to go with the literal translation route for this case, instead of going with the series' tradition of using burgers as the most common meal.

Case Five was fantastic; it took the ideas about spirit channeling from Case Three (and earlier games), and took them to extreme situations. Also, Apollo got character development. Good for him! As in, so much development, they could call this the end of an Apollo Justice trilogy and have him leave the series, and I wouldn't complain.

It feels like Cases 4 and 5 of Dual Destinies put together, which is good, because those two cases were basically the same mystery. The plot twists and characters were interesting, and I'm not sure how to describe it without spoilers. It was great, and I liked it so much, I'm giving the game a thumbs-up overall! I feel the same way about Phoenix Wright 3; I can overlook the 1-2 cases I didn't like so much, because the other cases were great.

One of my longstanding gripes with the series is Apollo's mother. He's not an orphan; his mother is still alive. Phoenix Wright knows this, but he hasn't told Apollo about it. I have no idea why Apollo would keep this a secret. There's basically no good reason for him to lie to Apollo about it, over and over again. This game had multiple good places, which would segue into resolving this plot point. For example, Apollo talks about his parents (mainly his father), while Phoenix is in the room, listening to him. Phoenix still says nothing. I hated that.

The good news is that there's a post-credits scene which makes it seem like Phoenix and Apollo's mother are going to reveal the truth soon, but I'm not holding my breath.

Overall, it's a good game, and I liked it. I think it's an improvement over Dual Destinies, which understandably had some rough edges to it, since it was a series reboot. If the series keeps going with this level of quality, I'll be a happy camper!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Katie and I saw Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and wow. It is a really bad movie. It's like they took an awful fanfic and turned it into a movie. It's even got some hallmarks of bad fanfiction, like unexplained shipping, author self-insert and everyone being out of character.

The unexplaining shipping is Scotty flirting with Uhura, multiple times. They never display any interest in each other outside of this film, so it comes out of nowhere. The author self-insert is the producer, playing the role of an admiral. He acts more like a friendly neighbor than, say, a military man who is warning our heroes about a deadly situation.

The premise is that a villain has kidnapped three random people on Planet Religious Symbolism. Our heroes have to save them! Uhura distracts some of the villains by doing a feather fan dance, and the rest of the villains are dispatched in a big fight. This fight includes a scene where Captain Kirk punches a cat stripper with three breasts. Also, Spock knocks a horse unconscious.

The entire things is revealed to be a ruse! The villain lured our heroes there, just so he could steal their spaceship! Our heroes make a death-defying trip back to the spaceship, only to find the villain has brainwashed the crew. He throws our heroes in jail, but they escape.

The villain is revealed to be Spock's half-brother, who has never been mentioned before or since. His evil power is the ability to make someone relive the worst moments of their life. It's sort of like the Dementors from Harry Potter. He grabs someone's head, and they are transported to the moment that causes them the most pain. People are so incredibly grateful to him when he does this, they instantly become mindless zombies who do whatever he says.

Please note this makes no sense. You'd think people would not be grateful to the person who made them relive their worst moments, but apparently, that's not how it works.

The villain takes their spaceship to the center of the universe, which is protected by a strange barrier. They break through to find the first planet ever made. God is waiting for them there. God does a few special effects to prove that he's totally the real deal, then he asks them to give him a ride on their spaceship, because he wants to get off of this planet, and waaaait a minute. Why is God a hitchhiker all of a sudden?

Obviously, it's not God. It's an alien named ??? who was trapped on this planet by ???, because ???. Yeah, none of this stuff gets explained. Fake God gets mad when he's exposed, and our heroes blow him up. That's basically it. Everyone goes back home, and our heroes go camping. The end.

Overall, it's a bad movie. My wife turned it off within the first twenty minutes, complaining about how out of character everyone was, and how weird the cinematography was. I found it slightly more enjoyable, as I thought of it more like a campy movie. There are plenty of original Star Trek episodes which are campy. But still, I wouldn't recommend this movie. It's sort of a train wreck.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tax Reform News Reporting

The other day, I saw a news report, where someone made a disparaging comment about President Trump's tax reform. My initial reaction was to fact check the comment as false, because we don't know what's in the tax reform plan! It hasn't been released yet! And besides, Congress writes tax law, not the President.

(I wrote this blog post five days in advance. It's possible the details of the plan will be released, by the time this blog hits the Internet. I doubt it.)

This got me thinking. I'm pretty sure the news stations have already decided how they feel about the tax reform plan. For example, Fox News is going to report that the tax plan is great, and it will boost the economy; CNN is going to report that the tax plan is awful, and it only helps rich people. In fact, they probably already have the reports on tax reform already written. All they have to do is to plug in specifics when the plans are released, like they're playing News Report Mad Libs.

I just got a little depressed, knowing the news reports will basically be the same, no matter what the tax reform is. So when the tax reform plans are released, my initial reaction is going to be skepticism; I'm not going to take what the media says at face value. I'm gonna want to see the proposed tax law changes myself!

And then I'm going to have to ask my wife what they mean, because I've never dealt with business taxes.

And then I'll probably blog about it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Danger on Deception Island Route (Part 5)

The items that are useful to have at the start of the game are...
  • Binoculars
  • The GPS
  • The clam tube
  • The clam bucket
  • The headlamp
  • Hilda's puzzle letter
  • The driftwood
  • The spray can
The last three items on the list aren't necessary, but nice to have. What are the items in Secret of Shadow Ranch which correspond with the above list?
  • Nancy's lariat
  • Piece of paper which explains Dirk's secret code
  • A piece of kindling
  • The burnt note fro the fire
  • The egg basket
  • A piece of kindling
  • The letter for Mary Yazzie?
  • The key to the jail
Unless I'm mistaken, there is no way for Nancy to have all those items at once. For example, she never has kindling and the lariat in her inventory at the same time. Therefore, you can't get all of the useful items at the start of Danger on Deception Island.

I guess the next step is to figure out what combinations of items are possible to get in Shadow Ranch. From there, figure out which combination will save the most time in Deception Island. The binoculars and the GPS save a lot of time, so I imagine those will be the most important ones to get.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Danger on Deception Island Route (Part 4)

I tested out the route I talked about yesterday. Here's what I discovered:
  • I thought you have to see Andy's card and talk to Katie about him, to open up Whale World. But all I had to do was get Andy's card (and do Casey's wood identification challenge). Maybe that's a weird side effect of starting the game with the binoculars.
  • During the wood challenge, Casey asks what the name of the sea monster is. If you've met Holt, Nancy says it's Caddy. If you haven't met Holt yet, Nancy doesn't know what Caddy is, so she stays silent. So it's a minor timesaver to do the wood challenge before meeting Holt.
  • If you have the piece of driftwood in your inventory at the start of the game, you can talk to Katie and start the wood challenge, right away. Unfortunately, you can't solve the wood challenge; the game won't let you look at the wood under the microscope. I had to go to the beach and pick up the piece of wood, in order to continue. So it's not really a timesaver, because you have to go to the beach to get the piece of wood, no matter what.
  • Similarly, it looks like doing Hilda's puzzle letter at the start of the game doesn't make a difference. When you solve it, it doesn't trigger conversations with Holt, Andy and Jenna. I guess you have to get the real puzzle letter first.
  • You can go clam fishing and get fifteen clams, if you've got the right inventory items at the start of the game. You can give the clams to Jenna right away. That bypasses the conversation where she asks you to get her clams. Conveniently, this also opens up the rest of the Hot Kettle Café!
I got stuck on Holt's duffel bag. When you play the game normally, Holt says you can look inside it when he gives you the chess puzzle. I couldn't find a way to trigger this conversation. I suppose you have to visit the hidden beach, to get it to work.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Danger on Deception Island Route (Part 3)

I'm continuing from yesterday! For those of you just tuning in, there's a glitch where you can load a "Secret of Shadow Ranch" save file into "Danger on Deception Island". This lets you start the game with certain inventory items. For example, Nancy's lariat in Shadow Ranch becomes her binoculars in "Danger on Deception Island".

I haven't tested out EVERY inventory item, because that would take a long time. Let's just assume the glitch works with every item. Items which would save me time are Hilda's puzzle letter, binoculars, the GPS, the clamming permit, the clam tube, the piece of wood on the beach, the spray can and the headlamp. Wow, that's a lot of items.

I'd start by doing Hilda's puzzle letter, which gives you the message "Ask HS AJ JD for Hilda's gift". This lets Nancy talk to Holt and Jenna about Hilda's gift. You talk to Holt about it, so you can look in his bag and get the password to the lighthouse. You ask Jenna about it, and she gives you the clamming challenge. (That's where already having the clam tube and clam permit come in handy--you don't have to get them from Andy!)

Once you get the clams to Jenna, you can go into the side room at the Hot Kettle Café. Solve all the royal flush puzzles in the Café to open up the hidden passages here. Since you already have the flashlight, you get to skip the "make Katie a sandwich puzzle".

Go through the hidden passages and use the spray can on the door. Move the pieces. Then go through the lighthouse and move the pieces on the other side of the door. This gives you access to the sea caves.

At some point, while all the above things are going on, you want to call Casey and have him identify the piece of wood. That way, you can use the binoculars on the ship in a bottle, at Whale World. This gives you the symbols that you use in the sea caves. Since you have the GPS, you can then take the kayak to the sea caves to see the orca and trigger the endgame sequence.

This is all hypothetical, of course. I haven't tested this.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Danger on Deception Island Route (Part 2)

In "Danger on Deception Island", once you look at all three of Hilda's presents, you can send Nancy's telephone number from the lighthouse. This triggers a lengthy scavenger hunt, which ends with Nancy getting binoculars. Use them on the ship in Andy's area, so you see symbols. Use them on the sea caves area under the lighthouse to trigger the endgame sequence.

At this point, I realized that, duh, it's a huge timesaver to have the binoculars at the start of the game. You can use them to trigger the endgame sequence right away. Maybe.

I tried it out, and it didn't work. When I tried to go to Whale World with binoculars in my inventory, it was closed. After a lot of dinking around, I realized Casey needs to identify the piece of wood on the beach, first. That's one of the triggers here! With the wood identified AND the binoculars in hand, you can go into Andy's and trigger the endgame sequence.

...Only that requires you to go through the lighthouse. And unless I'm mistaken, you have to use the spray can on BOTH sides of the door, to reach the sea caves. The one side of the door is easy. You just need to see the code to the lock, in Holt's chess book. With the other side of the door, you need to solve all four royal flush puzzles AND you have to get the clams for Jenna. If you don't get the clams, then the side part of the Hot Kettle Café will be closed off, and you can't access the hidden tunnels. looks like you still have to do a fair amount of the game, even if you start with the binoculars. I'll see if I can bring all this information together, tomorrow.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Danger on Deception Island Route (Part 1)

Okay, so I had trouble thinking of the route for "The Haunted Carousel" yesterday. I'm more familiar with "Danger on Deception Island". How do you can skip ahead in the game, if you have items ahead of time?

Well, the first part of the game is getting a GPS from Holt, by solving his quiz. Then you find the four notes from Hilda, which are GPS coordinates. This lets you get to the hidden beach, where you get Hilda's puzzle.

I tried doing this, with the GPS and the four notes in my inventory at the start of the game. It doesn't work! That is, Nancy says, "I don't have any coordinates to enter yet" when you use the GPS. You have to pick up all four notes, so you can enter the coordinates into the GPS. So this isn't a big timesaver, but hey! Having the GPS from the start lets you skip Holt's quiz.

Actually, scratch that. Hilda's puzzle at the beach is an inventory item. So right from the start of the game, you can solve that puzzle and trigger the "get Hilda's gift from all the characters" puzzle. Andy's gift is simple, since that's an inventory item. Holt's gift should be simple, as you have to solve his chess puzzle, and that's an inventory item. But when I gave Holt the puzzle solution, the game crashed. I think you might have to get the chess puzzle from him, no matter what.

As for Jenna's gift, you have to go clamming to get that. You can save time, by having the permit, tube and clam bucket ready in advance. You'll still have to get all the clams manually, since the full clam bucket and the empty clam bucket aren't different inventory items. I didn't try this out, so I don't know if it works or not.

I spent about a half hour, working on this. More tomorrow.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Haunted Carousel Route

Continuing from yesterday, I'm wondering how I would beat Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel, if I could have any inventory items at the start of the game. I seem to remember that the endgame sequence is triggered when you put the spook's arm on, tighten it with pliers, put the brass ring on, and enter the nickname for Amelia.

All of those things sound like inventory items, except the nickname. You get the nickname from calling Anton Sukov. You can't get his phone number, until near the end of the game, when you make a lathe. That's when Elliot leaves the room. If you try looking at the magazine with Elliot still there, he asks, "Can I help you?", and Nancy backs down.

I'm guessing you can't ask Sukov about the nickname, until Miles says the clue about the nickname. That would mean you have to do the entire Miles sequence. So...hmmm...yeah, I think you have to do most of the game, no matter what.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nancy Drew Save File Cheats

A new way to cheat in Nancy Drew games has been discovered! You can copy/paste save files from one game, into another game, in order to manipulate your inventory.

For example, if you load a "Danger on Deception Island" save file in "The Haunted Carousel", you get taken to the start screen, with some items already in Nancy's inventory. The same thing happens, if you load "Secret of Shadow Ranch" save files in "Danger on Deception Island".

Those two, Games 8 and 9, appear to be the only games where this trick works. I didn't experiment much with manipulating the save files of other games in the series, but Game's 8 save files don't work with Game 7, and Game 11's save files crashed Game 10. So that was as far as I tried.

As for WHICH inventory items appear when you use this glitch, I guess we'll have to do some experimenting. It seems like each item is connected to another one. Like, if you have the canteen in Shadow Ranch, that gives you the chess quiz in Deception Island.

I have no idea what this glitch would be used for. Speedrunning? It saves some time to have all the inventory items at the start of the game, but those are not games where the endgame sequence is triggered by items. So you'd probably have to play a fair amount of the game, no matter what.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Love on the Oregon Trail

The final game pitch I had was Love on the Oregon Trail.

The year is 1854. You're risking everything to go on the Oregon Trail and start a new life in Willamette Valley. Things are going well, and it seems like you're making good friends for your new life, when your wagon breaks. You find yourself forced to join one of the other teams, but which person will you go with? The poor widower? The silent Indian guide? The secretive seamstress or the bumbling doctor? Choose well, because your journey will be filled with danger...and perhaps a wedding or two.

At the moment, I don't have any ideas as to how I'd write this game. That pitch was basically all the work I've done so far: make a list of possible love interests. #lazy

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pride and Prejudice Game

Here was my pitch for a Pride and Prejudice game:

Pride and Prejudice is a classic novel in which the rebellious Elizabeth Bennet defies convention and falls in love with the conceited nobleman Fitzwilliam Darcy. But what if that wasn't the case? What if Miss Bennet had a different personality, or what if she decided to pursue a different suitor, such as the amiable Mr. Bingley, the stuffy Mr. Collins or the villainous Mr. Wickham? Would things still end happily for Elizabeth, or would her life change forever?

I've actually got a full outline for this game; I worked on it with Diana Gray, a few years ago. We basically made a list of the important scenes of the book, as well as a list of the male characters in the book. Then we combined the two lists together, as best as we could. It's surprisingly not TOO difficult to keep the general storyline of the book the same, while having Lizzy go after a different suitor. She can still go to the Rosings estate and have drama there, whether she likes Bingley, Darcy, Wickham or Colonel Fitzwilliam.

Remember, Mr. Wickham doesn't flee the country until after the group returns from Rosings. So his pathway doesn't split off until Chapter 20. That's around the same time that Jane hears from Bingley (after he tragically was forced to leave her, against his will). So his pathway doesn't split off until late in the game, too.

We ended up with a 3 page outline, comprised of 23 scenes. That's just the general outline. We went into detail about specifics, for each of the men, so I've got a six page outline which describes each guy in detail.

We had vague ideas of doing a version, where you play as one (or more) of the men. Maybe you switch between them? In the book, Mr. Darcy's romantic interests are Caroline Bingley, Elizabeth Bennet, and Anne de Bourgh. Collins' romantic interests are the five Bennet sisters. Bingley's romantic interests are Jane Bennet, Charlotte Lucas and...anyone else? Maria Lucas? Mary Bennet? We didn't really put much thought into how a male version would go. Maybe because the guy gets to have whatever woman he wants, as long as he's rich and handsome.

High School Drama Game

The fourth game I pitched was a Sweet Valley High femslash. They were looking for a femslash game; Sweet Valley is what popped into my mind. The pitch went like this:

You're a normal high school girl, trying to live up to your older sister's reputation, when you stumble upon a secret that could blow the school apart: a cheating ring in the sports department. Suddenly, all the girls on the cheerleading squad are willing to do whatever you want, as long as you keep their secret. It's a tempting offer, but what do you want? Popularity? Good grades? A new girlfriend? Revenge against your rival Jessica? The choice is yours, but remember: if the secret gets exposed, you will be in just as much trouble as everyone else.

I would have been endlessly amused, if they had picked this one. They didn't, and I think I'll let this game concept die here.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Magnum Principium

In Catholic news, Pope Francis changed Law #838 yesterday. He did this with a letter entitled Magnum Principium, or "Great Principle". This law deals with translating the mass and other things from Latin, into other languages.

Previously, people in the Vatican were responsible for making new translations. Now, Bishop's Conferences are responsible for making new translations. "Bishop's Conference" is just a fancy term for "all the Bishops in a country". So, if the United States Bishops decide they want a new translation of the mass, they can write one themselves and send it to the Vatican, where it will either be approved or rejected for general use.

No one seems to be sure how this will play out. Will the US Bishops make a new translation? Can they do it without any in-fighting? What process will they choose, for writing a new translation? They seem to like making committees for everything, so I imagine that's the route they'd take. At their next meeting, they'll probably vote whether or not to make a translation committee. Then they'd vote on who gets to be on the committee.

Assuming the US Bishops do make a translation committee, I don't know what route it would take. It might just be an exploratory committee that looks at the issues and recommends making no changes at all. It could be a committee that sets out to make a new translation from scratch, on Day One. It could be a Bishops-only group, or the Bishops could delegate to a sub-committee. The Bishops might decide to only translate one thing, like the Rite of Ordination. They could decide to translate everything. They could also decide to keep the current translation as-is, except for a few minor changes. There are many possibilities.

I imagine the committee would submit its recommendations (or translations) at one point, and the Bishops would vote whether or not to approve it. They'd either vote on everything at once, or vote on each individual item. If approved, it'd go to the Vatican from there.

One question I'm seeing is "will there be multiple translations in effect at the same time?". I doubt it, but the Pope's letter doesn't give an answer one way or another. Imagine if the U.S. Bishops approved three or four translations. We might end up in a weird situation where priests in Texas use one translation, and the priests in California use another.

Previous version of the law:

Can. 838 -- §2. It is for the Apostolic See to order the sacred liturgy of the universal Church, publish liturgical books and review their translations in vernacular languages, and exercise vigilance that liturgical regulations are observed faithfully everywhere.
§3. It pertains to the conferences of bishops to prepare and publish, after the prior review of the Holy See, translations of liturgical books in vernacular languages, adapted appropriately within the limits defined in the liturgical books themselves.

New version (changes are in bold):

Can. 838 - §2. It is for the Apostolic See to order the sacred liturgy of the universal Church, publish liturgical books, recognize adaptations approved by the Episcopal Conference according to the norm of law, and exercise vigilance that liturgical regulations are observed faithfully everywhere.
§3. It pertains to the Episcopal Conferences to faithfully prepare versions of the liturgical books in vernacular languages, suitably accommodated within defined limits, and to approve and publish the liturgical books for the regions for which they are responsible after the confirmation of the Apostolic See.

The new law goes into effect October 1st.